My role is to help you with two things - the legalities of getting married and planning your ceremony.


When you get married in Australia, there are lots of forms to fill in.

We start by filling in a Notice of Intended Marriage.This form contains all of your important personal information and we have to complete it at least 1 month before your wedding ceremony but no more than 18 months in advance.

I need to see:

  • photographic evidence of your identity, such as a driver's license
  • your original birth certificate or passport
  • if you have been previously married, proof of how the marriage ended - divorce papers or a death certificate

If any documents are in a different language, you will need to have them translated into English by a registered interpreter.

As we get closer to your wedding, there are some other forms to fill in. Don't worry - I'll remind you!

The last and most important forms are your marriage certificates which we'll complete at the ceremony.


I love to work with couples to plan their ceremony.

I've got lots of ideas to help you craft something truly unique that reflects who you are as a couple. If you're interested, I also have some tips for the big day.

Let's get started!